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Jewel Area - Mysterious Event

Jewel Area Mysterious Event
Date Added To Shop2010.08.23
Date Removed From Shop2010.10.23
Date Released In MarketNot Released Yet

Limiteds will be restocked in 3 phases. They will be sold on August 24 11:00, August 25 19:00 and August 26 19:00.

Second Batch added on August 24.

Only 750 Each 
170 jewels110 jewels110 jewels50 jewels80 jewels100 jewels
Sm_tygARZDt7.png picture by kyasashop68kOVaBYR6zw.png picture by kyasashopy2Mz4imgMLKH.png picture by kyasashopGQppdIQcfY4S.png picture by kyasashopo4Ck_KHrA6kK.png picture by kyasashopsWwaRGBQO96g.png picture by kyasashop
Striped Lolita OnepieceCrown Head AccessoryLacy Boot SandalsLacy Ribbon ChokerLacy ArmbandHeart Shaped Bag

100 jewels90 jewels60 jewels50 jewels100 jewels70 jewels
Qds_YCjGQNh6.png picture by kyasashopSe-7DUwjvinV.png picture by kyasashopYn_p1uaD_hes.png picture by kyasashopQQb782Nm23DQ.png picture by kyasashopXYvhEEf_M4ar.png picture by kyasashopawwHhfe766gF.png picture by kyasashop
Star Cami OnepieceStar Printed Scarf RibbonStar PumpsStar NecklaceFurry VestQuilted Chain Bag

First Batch added on August 23.

180 jewels110 jewels60 jewels140 jewels70 jewels50 jewels
vKc4BqpUsb-a.png picture by kyasashopxbqHN-DfFcnB.png picture by kyasashopRrjrAeY2cUoX.png picture by kyasashopD7PWBPIKXEwD.png picture by kyasashopxAa0iWUKnWKJ.png picture by kyasashoptS2gSzt0C1XR.png picture by kyasashop
Fortune-Teller Black DressFortune-Teller Hair AccessoryMesh SandalsFortune Teller Long VeilJewel Hand AccessoryJewel Moon Necklace

100 jewels130 jewels80 jewels120 jewels60 jewels70 jewels
RbLccz7GzwXu.png picture by kyasashopOaNfWhoqUIdO.png picture by kyasashoptYJlaKc0IsHt.png picture by kyasashopeF_6sqLDW-Ul.png picture by kyasashopNpOmS0ZS857x.png picture by kyasashop_28rkNYmFLDh.png picture by kyasashop
Ruffled Blouse With RibbonFlower Printed SkirtRibbon Lolita PumpsFlower StrawhatRed Ribbon RingRuffled Bag

140 jewels70 jewels70 jewels70 jewels110 jewels130 jewels
XS5H_8rMnIEc.png picture by kyasashopOOReq2Ynv46Z.png picture by kyasashopcaIvmRT-MmHu.png picture by kyasashope2qC8eZdvphd.png picture by kyasashopTv8ElbLh2D-B.png picture by kyasashopZ_5DaheajIty.png picture by kyasashop
Floral Natural OnepieceLacy Flower HairpinLace Up PumpsSheep Center BroochWool StoleSheep Purse

120 jewels80 jewels60 jewels60 jewels50 jewels70 jewels
GpimZ2wRue79.png picture by kyasashop_7zaztIhv5rY.png picture by kyasashopd89JM3zEjKRV.png picture by kyasashopmgvFAGNQptlL.png picture by kyasashop9PCpGynHal4M.png picture by kyasashops2z6eiBvFU6j.png picture by kyasashop
White Water DressMilk CrownCrystal SandalsAquarius EarringsAquarius BangleAquarius Mini Bag

200 jewels120 jewels
uNRwgnLaywef.png picture by kyasashopn5Trxz_Y3Kto.png picture by kyasashop
Luna PlushAnticipate The Future Globe
Tags: item: bag, item: bracelet / bangle, item: dress, item: earrings, item: hair accessory, item: handbag, item: necklace, item: necklace / choker, item: onepiece, item: other accessories, item: other goods, item: plush toy, item: pumps, item: ring, item: shoes / boots, jewel area
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