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Mysterious Event

Ribbon Area Mysterious Event
Date Added To Shop2010.08.23
Date Removed From Shop2010.10.23
Date Released In MarketNot Released Yet

Second Batch added on Aug 24.

250 ribbons140 ribbons90 ribbons170 ribbons80 ribbons160 ribbons
SGWCvojXY-o1.png picture by kyasashopJUeseJS21i0s.png picture by kyasashopXBMvuABlaXtq.png picture by kyasashopfCWC3LoWU_6W.png picture by kyasashop7T1lIbhGE41A.png picture by kyasashop1P6hneHryweE.png picture by kyasashop
Long Layered OnepieceNatural Knit CardiganNatural ShoesNatural RibbonLeg WarmersAntique Clock

190 ribbons80 ribbons100  ribbons140 ribbons80 ribbons150 ribbons
_f5Qi2XuteA3.png picture by kyasashopAhlLbkRxv0tI.png picture by kyasashopAOalFwxN1khY.png picture by kyasashopS-ccw2gKfB6A.png picture by kyasashopo3Dcz9v1Wbwv.png picture by kyasashopTwUGluMQays-.png picture by kyasashop
Mermaid OnepieceFish EarringsMermaid SandalsMermaid Hair AccessoryChiffon GlovesMermaid Jewel Accessory

First Batch added on Aug 23.

220 ribbons200 ribbons120 ribbons90 ribbons120 ribbons130 ribbons
8i8ocCWNhPt4.png picture by kyasashopTBlNj8H0LsUC.png picture by kyasashop7NSrmurpYB7W.png picture by kyasashopCiflGb6OGRz_.png picture by kyasashopOnPwDsIhX1KL.png picture by kyasashopnOAfNoBlpLAw.png picture by kyasashop
Fortune-Teller Jewel DressFortune-Teller Head AccessorySculpture SandalsGenuine Stone NecklaceFortune-Teller BangleGorgeous Ring

260 ribbons180 ribbons130 ribbons120 ribbons130 ribbons200 ribbons
JZMJ3QKXa910.png picture by kyasashopzOu9XhUQaT0y.png picture by kyasashoptBhKsISXynwI.png picture by kyasashoplOqNkDX8bAXT.png picture by kyasashopJW9suwZbgOEK.png picture by kyasashopdF4rKuT-arHz.png picture by kyasashop
Rock OnepieceRock Big RibbonRock Belted BootsRock ChokerCross One EarringBag in Goat

180 ribbons160 ribbons130 ribbons160 ribbons90 ribbons180 ribbons
NMQPlkw9zUx8.png picture by kyasashopAyeaBT5wVhsN.png picture by kyasashopKubwt8OeUgoN.png picture by kyasashopDy6BT4NLi8rX.png picture by kyasashop_Qu84cKZRk7H.png picture by kyasashopWVtjtq5ZfokE.png picture by kyasashop
Blouse OnepiceCardigan With ButtonT-Strap SandalsFloral Rabbit HairbandFlower EarringsFlower Bag

230 ribbons180 ribbons160 ribbons160 ribbons100 ribbons150 ribbons
SbRFDKnv1JA5.png picture by kyasashopGu_nI6UYiSep.png picture by kyasashophkg0DmRBKlDr.png picture by kyasashopyKMlf70o1lUk.png picture by kyasashop2IEvYaqm6PRM.png picture by kyasashopCmCaToih1tkG.png picture by kyasashop
Country One-PieceCountry PonchoCowgirl BootsTen-Gallon HatCow Print Star EarringsBasket With Star

180 ribbons140 ribbons120 ribbons80 ribbons80 ribbons160 ribbons
liXQHg_2Dnt2.png picture by kyasashopRAw3EwX49xzz.png picture by kyasashopTXWP0rm73vav.png picture by kyasashop9xy5buhTnhhC.png picture by kyasashopQ6Z519v_PkwU.png picture by kyasashophoXTGddUce4t.png picture by kyasashop
Maiden OnepieceMaiden RibbonsGirly PumpsGirly Lace-Up TightsMaiden NecklaceMaiden Heart Bag

190 ribbons130 ribbons100 ribbons90 ribbons80 ribbons130 ribbons
ICRN8A-Fewhb.png picture by kyasashoppkvDG613rxrx.png picture by kyasashopsHlHwKtJ4C1Z.png picture by kyasashophGLiup8GxHzP.png picture by kyasashop6xEDDJ_AvXtJ.png picture by kyasashop7z0WXJWJfasi.png picture by kyasashop
Sexy Long DressGlitter HairbandSexy SandalsGlitter NecklaceOrbits EarringsStar Studded Mini Bag

180 ribbons100 ribbons140 ribbons40 ribbons
xuPAagxvjFHn.png picture by kyasashop_cIJWzWRQBhe.png picture by kyasashopLca6C1Ag2IEm.png picture by kyasashopcj575eGVE9ED.png picture by kyasashop
Anticipate The Future LoupeTarot CardsAstrology BookPurple Wallpaper
Tags: item: bag, item: bracelet / bangle, item: cape, item: coat, item: dress, item: earrings, item: gloves, item: hair accessory, item: handbag, item: hat, item: jacket, item: necklace, item: necklace / choker, item: onepiece, item: other goods, item: pumps, item: ring, item: shoes / boots, item: socks / tights, item: wallpaper, item: watch, ribbon area
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