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An archive of past Katharine Shop items

Last Market Release3rd Anniversary Event
Quantity Limited Itemsare marked in pink
Time Limited Itemsare marked in orange
Sparkling Items (All)are marked
All Dates & Timesare in Japanese Time (UTC+9)
All Names & Item URLsare official unless stated
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  • 10:00 am - Rainy Season
    1F: Rainy Event 2008
    Date Added To Shop2008.06.17
    Date Removed From Shop2008.06.23
    Date Released In Market2008.12.12

    NOTE: Names are not official because poupeegirl has not translated them

    The old Rainy Event from 2007 is here!

    Although an 'event', items were added to the 1st Floor on the 17th, and more were added on the 18th, 19th, and 20th. Teru teru bozu are amulets that are supposed to bring good weather and prevent a rainy day.

    The strawberry umbrella was a surprise update on the 23rd of June. The 15 in 915 is a pun. 1 (ichi in Japanese) and 5 (go in Japanese) give ichigo, Japanese for strawberry.

    50 ribbons Rainboots 200850 ribbons Closed Umbrella

    70 ribbons100 ribbons90 ribbons30 ribbons50 ribbons
    Heart RainbootsHeart UmbrellaPolka-Dot HatClosed Polka-Dot UmbrellaTeru Teru BozuTeru Teru Bozu

    90 ribbons Floral Hat80 ribbons Closed Floral Umbrella

    Only 999 Each
    80 ribbons Floral Rainboots120 ribbons Floral Umbrella

    Only 999 Each 
    90 ribbons Flower Rainboots100 ribbons Flower Umbrella

     Only 999
    120 ribbons Raincoat150 ribbons

     Only 999
    80 ribbons Rainboots100 ribbons

     Only 999 Only 915
    60 ribbons Teru Teru Bozu80 ribbons 120 ribbons
    Polka-DotHoundstoothStrawberry Strawberry Umbrella
    3F Event: Hello Kitty Omedachi Sengen
    Date Added To Shop2008.06.10
    Date Removed From Shop2008.06.24
    Date Released In MarketCannot Be Sold

    NOTE: Names are not official because poupeegirl has not translated them

    This was a collaboration with Sanrio's new series, Omedachi Kitty Sengen. "Omedachi" means standing out in Japanese, and these items are like what the name suggest - bright and metallic.

    A pink hairband limited to 999 only was added around 1PM Japan time 11th June. They sold out very quickly and there was a restock on the 13th of June, also at 999 only.

    Trivia: the faces on the headbands are different for each color.

     Only 1998
    100 ribbons K/T Omedachi Headband

    150 ribbons K/T Omedachi T-Shirt100 ribbons70 ribbons
    WhiteBlackK/T Omedachi Roomwear - TopK/T Omedachi Roomwear - Bottom

    80 ribbons120 ribbons90 ribbons
    K/T Omedachi EarringsK/T Omedachi NecklaceK/T Omedachi BostonK/T Omedachi Tote BagK/T Omedachi Wallet